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If you know anything about the world of comic books, you know there's a loooooong list of powerful superheroes.

On their own, each of them is capable of incredible things. They'll just as happily save a helpless victim from a gang of bad guys, as protect a city, country or universe (and countless unsuspecting humans) from disaster.

No matter the situation, superheroes stand for what's right. They fight against those who intend to do evil and cause harm. They are victorious, even if they have to make a hell of a mess in the process.

One of these superheroes, a genius, billionaire businessman named Tony Stark, decided to step up the hero game, with a revolutionary concept.​​​ He decided to create a team of ass-kicking superstars.

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It's an idea worth emulating, don't cha think? Hi, I'm Tony Stark Policci (Yeah, really). And while I haven't been flying around in a red and gold suit, I have been around the "marketing block" for quite some time, staying out of the limelight, writing kick-ass copy for some of the biggest names in business.

While I can neither confirm or deny any relation the super-cool, genius, uber-rich, philanthropic, Tony Stark character from the comics... we do share a few things in common.

Aside from my name, appearance and random instances of super-coolness, I've also ripped his "team concept" from the comic book pages, because the business world is dying for marketing superheroes.

Where are the men and women who have what it takes to write for what's right!?!

We're a Team of Copy Avengers...

Do You Have What It Takes to Be One?

I'm looking for skilled copywriters to create authentic, powerful, marketing messages... heroes that can defeat the mundane with their epic storytelling. Warriors of the pen and keyboard who can grab people's attention faster than Iron Man grabs a villain by the neck.

Now don't be fooled. This isn't some gimmicky, silly-ass, role-playing, thing-a-ma-jig.

While it's not an offer for a job, it can lead to work. It's serious fun AND it's serious business.

If you have what it takes to be considered as an "Avenger" you'll learn stuff to take your skills, impact, and income to the next level. You'll be among a team of like-minded writers, all of us are focused on creating great work and fighting bad marketing.

And, if you're not feeling like a hero yet, no sweat. Neither did Peter Parker. If you've got the awareness of greatness inside of you and the ability and desire to write "cape-worthy" copy, you might just earn a letter on your chest.

So, do you have what it takes to combine your superpowers with others like you? If so, I invite you to apply for the Copy Avengers by clicking the big red button below. And very soon, you may be hearing our exclusive call to action..."Copy AVENGERS, Assemble!" 😉